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wo minutes later Tobias Lindberg Jersey

Le 22 novembre 2017, 06:59 dans Humeurs 0

Morata sudden, Azar behind, Marcos - Alonso and Zappa Costa wings fly, Cesc Fabregas, Canter and Bacardijo sits midfield. West Brown, Long East and Jay - Rodriguez side by side front. The first 17 minutes, Aziza Pique Quita pass, Azar restricted area before left foot shot was saved, Morata follow-up Buzhi Yu break, 0-1! Chelsea take the lead on the road. Clevli points the ball Rinat Valiev Jersey, Bridgetos hit fly. The first 42 minutes, Carroll, Lage Chenni and Noble consecutive kick pass, Kuat's Gongmen Gault saved. On the first half overtime period, Saba Laeta pass on the right Stephane Robidas Jersey, Arnautovic's header was saved by Gomez, Arnautovic in the near field of complement has been Gomez Out of world-class rescue block. The first 50 minutes, Keke Chuan Zhong, Gray outflank shot wide of the right column outside. Two minutes later Tobias Lindberg Jersey, Arnautovic on the right upside down pass, Kuyat outlaid goalkeeper above the bar. The first 54 minutes, Hughes points, Du Ku Lei long-range play. Two minutes later Bruce Boudreau Jersey, Gray sent pass, Hughes long-range solution was Joe - Hart. The first 60 minutes, Hughes pass, Mariappa's header was Joe - Hart blocked.

Watford beat West Ham 2-0 Zach Sill Jersey

Le 22 novembre 2017, 06:58 dans Humeurs 0

Fabregas Zhise, Morata knocked a heel, Azar single-handedly broke into the restricted area to attack the goalkeeper into the empty goal Colton Orr Jersey, the score becomes 0-2! The first 38 minutes, Cesc Fabregas free kick on the left before the pass Bobby Baun Jersey, Marcos - Alonso far point left foot pad shot, 0-3! The first 62 minutes, Cesc Fabregas sent an offensive long pass, Faizha midfielder hit the neutral arc ball broke the ball, 0-4! Chelsea eventually won 4 games away, Conti's team league 4-game winning streak. Hughes's oblique biography to create opportunities, Richardson broke into the restricted area on the left-wing volley hit the lower right corner, Watford 2 to 0 expanded the lead. The first 66 minutes, Sabalaita right-sided passing Seth Griffith Jersey, Arnautovic long-range flying. A minute later, Gray pass, Du Qulai long-range Joe - Hart to resolve. The first 79 minutes, Clevley's long shot was once again Joe Hart. In the end, Watford beat West Ham 2-0 Zach Sill Jersey. Although Chelsea won the league title last season, led by Conti in Chelsea's day is not good, the league Champions League double line are not happy. His relationship with boss Abu is also subtle. If Conti's lead this season can not be led by team recognition, the Italian Football Federation will open negotiations with Conti next summer, for the Italian marshals once again took over the national team.

Kudiniao comeback

Le 22 novembre 2017, 06:58 dans Humeurs 0

Kudiniao comeback, Salah He, Phil Mino and Mane continue to advance, the old Lord Lovevitch. Southampton side, Sean - Long ago. The first 31 minutes, Fermino frontcourt steals, Wiener Drume points Petter Granberg Jersey, left-footed ball in front of the restricted area of ??Lara Croft, 1-0! Liverpool made the leading home. The first 41 minutes NHL jerseys, Kudiniao sent scalpel pass, Salah anti-offensive success plug the first time low shot broke, 2-0! Salah scored twice! The first 68 minutes, Mane right to attract the defensive pass, Fillino restricted area on the right volley was denied the goalkeeper, Kudiniao Road follow-up Tuishe break, the score becomes 3-0! Liverpool finally won 3 goals at home to Southampton. Arsenal have achieved five consecutive victories this season, tied the record of the 2009-2010 season, scoring just 4 goals into 13 goals Darryl Sittler Jersey, losing 1 draw, 4 draw losses and losing 7 goals to 12 goals The ball results in stark contrast. The current round of North London derby against Tottenham, carrying the East trend, Wenger's team started from the opening ferocious high grab, so that Tottenham caught off guard, and the opening record by Mustafa. In the 12th round of the 2017-18 Premier League season, Arsenal took the Emirates Stadium 2-0 to defeat Tottenham and won the derby in North London. In the 36th minute, Mustafi coped with Ozil's header and broke the ball Cody Franson Jersey. 41 minutes, Sanchez locking victory.

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